Data Products

Scenario and Impacts GIS Data Files

Please note that the files below require GIS software to use.  All grids are geoTIFF files in Florida Geographic Data Library Albers projection (SRID 3807).  The scenario grids are at 15m native resolution, and the impacts were computed at 60m resolution using conventional desktop GIS tools.  Full-resolution impacts are available only interactively in the Impacts Explorer.  



A high-level guide to the use of these scenarios can be found in the PFLCC 2014 Scenarios Report.  Documentation for the 2015 refinements to the scenarios can be found in the PFLCC 2015 Scenarios Update Report


Downloadable Data

Change Grids are the difference between baseline (2010) and future conditions.  Impact grids are change grids masked with each species habitat grid.  Both types of grids use the key below.



Change and Impact grids have the following value codes: