Data Sources

Composite Land Use / Land Cover Scenarios

  1. FNAI Cooperative Land Cover, Version 3.1 - published September 2015
  2. UF Geoplan MHHW “High” USACE SLR, hydrologically-connected grid
  3. Developed Parcels from FDOT 2015
  4. Conservation by Type from FNAI Florida Managed Areas Database
  5. AttCon Development and Conservation classes
  6. USGS Tidal Saline Wetlands Migration Under SLR

Climate Data

  1. SLR from UF Geoplan (as above)
  2. Mean Air Temperature - UBC ClimateNA Ensemble PRISM downscales for RCP8.5 in 2055
  3. Average Precipitation by Season - UBC ClimateNA Ensemble PRISM downscales at for RCP8.5 in 2055

Habitat Data

  1. FWC 2009 Potential Species Habitat Models (from "Wildlife Habitat Conservation Needs in Florida")
  2. FWC 2015 Potential Species Habitat Model Updates for selected species (Big Cyprus fox squirrel, Gopher frog, Eastern Indigo snake, Marian's Marsh Wren, Worthington's Wren)
  3. Florida Shorebird Database species occurrence datasets for 2012-2015
  4. Florida Beaches Habitat Conservation Plan datasets for Beach Mice

Demand Estimates

  1. BEBR Median Population Projections (by county, aggregated to RPC level)
  2. Conservation (consensus estimates from PFLCC Steering Committee member interviews)