Species Habitat

Species habitat data was obtained from multiple sources.  Three primary modeling styles were noted.  Our primary source, FWC2009, used predictive rule-based modeling, and generated binary predicted presence/absence grids.  Details of these models can be found in the report Wildlife Habitat Conservation Needs in Florida.
Recent updates for the Eastern Indigo Snake used a state-of-the-art statistical technique, known as MaxEnt, to predict habitat quality along a scale of 0-1.  Products derived from the Florida Beaches HCP and Floride Shorebirds Database relied more extensively on observed occurence data.
Common Name Scientific Name Model Type Source
 Anastasia Island beach mouse  Peromyscus polionotus phasma Observed Presence FBHCP
 Audubon's crested caracara  Polyborus plancus audubonii  Predicted Presence  FWC2009
 Big Cypress fox squirrel  Sciurus niger avicennia  Predicted Presence  FWC2015
 Cuban snowy plover  Charadruis alexandrinus tenuirostris  Observed Presence FWC2009 
 Eastern Indigo Snake  Drymarchon couperi MaxEnt Probability  FWC2015
 Florida black bear  Ursus americanus floridanus  Predicted Presence FWC2009 
 Florida sandhill crane  Grus canadensis pratensis  Predicted Presence FWC2009 
 Gopher Frog  Rana capito  Predicted Presence FWC2009 
 Gopher tortoise  Gopherus polyphemus  Predicted Presence FWC2009 
 St. Andrews beach mouse  Peromyscus polionotus peninsularis  Observed Presence  FBHCP
 Marian's Marsh Wren  Cistohorus palustris marianae.  Predicted Presence  FWC 2015
 Worthington's Wren  Cistohorus palustris griseus  Predicted Presence  FWC 2015